Welcome to Ballymena RFC @ Eaton Park – Est 1887

Dear Members,

The IRFU have confirmed details for the away matches in the Six Nations 2024.

Adult members who have their subscriptions paid up to date, are entitled to apply to purchase two tickets per match. However, given the substantial reduction in the Club’s ticket allocation, members will only be eligible to attend one game either home or away.  If they are allocated tickets for one away game, their applications will not be considered for other games, unless the Club has surplus tickets to demand. 

There are two steps to the application process.  Completing and submitting the on-line form below, and transferring appropriate monies to our Ballymena RFC Account, Sort Code: 950231 Account Number: 71002155  Please put your name as a reference followed by 6NTA.  (i.e. Joe Bloggs 6NTA)  There is a £5 administration charge added to each ticket.  Only applications who have completed both steps by the closing date will be considered.

At this stage the Club does not know what category of ticket we will receive and therefore a price of £150 per ticket for the England V Ireland match and £100 per ticket for the France V Ireland match, should be lodged as part of the application process.

Should your application be unsuccessful, or you are given lower category tickets, refunds will be paid by balance transfer. Likewise, if you are given higher category tickets, you will be contacted to transfer the difference. Please complete the order form below and submit by 12 noon on Friday 27th October 2023.

You will be contacted by email by Friday 10th November 2023, if your application has been successful.

Any tickets issued that are not used by the member who applied, should be returned to the Club for another member to avail of.  Failure to do so will result in that member being ineligible to apply for International Tickets in the future.
The application form can be accessed via the link below.